Having a licensed insurance agent to help you with your Florida Medicare needs is always a great idea. Medicare plans can and do change from year to year, so it is extremely important to have a local and licensed insurance broker whom you can trust to help you. Sitting down with an agent each year can provide you with many benefits, including:

  • reviewing your plan to ensure it still meets your healthcare needs and budget
  • showing you any changes taking place to your plan from year to year
  • exploring other plan options available in your area that might lower your premiums, reduce your out-of-pocket costs, or even provide you with additional benefits that are important to you

Whether you need a special doctor in the network, you have a specific health condition that needs to be covered, or cost is a concern for you – an agent can help to customize a plan based on your needs. Plus, it does not cost you anything to work with an agent so it is in your better interest to work with your own personal agent who will help with your Florida Medicare choices each year.

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