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We are excited to have another installment of an informative blog by Marie Villeza of Elder Impact. This month she discusses part-time job options after retirement. Each of Marie’s blogs are designed to empower seniors against ageism. Check back each month for more helpful information, or even better check out Elder Impact and talk with their staff directly.

When you spend your whole life working, retirement can seem kind of, well, boring. Sure, it’s nice to not have to battle traffic on your way to the office every day, but after you enjoy spending rush hour over coffee at home, what comes next? How will you pass the remaining hours of the day?

For many people, the option of taking on a part-time job is very appealing. Not only does it help provide something with which to pass the time, but most seniors could do with a bit of supplemental income. An AARP survey found that 60 percent of Americans nearing retirement age reported that they were not where they wanted to be, financially speaking.

When looking for part-time work, it’s important to search for something that is both safe for seniors as well as enjoyable. Luckily, the plethora of skills seniors have gained from a lifetime of experience opens up plenty of doors as far as options go. Below, we’ve highlighted just some of the jobs available, their benefits, as well as advice on how to get started.


If you consider yourself an expert in your field and retain some connections from pre-retirement, consulting may be a great option for you. Consultants make a competitive rate because companies and employees value the lessons they are able to pass down due to their years of experience. Plus, they get to set their own hours and have the freedom to take jobs based on their preferences.

Becoming a consultant requires discipline and networking. First, you have to be an expert in your field. The companies you want to work for may also require you have up-to-date certificates and training. Just like with any business, you also need to identify your goals, choose your target market, and do your research. Furthermore, you need to determine your fees and figure out how you will organize your billing. Depending on how much you make, it may be worth it to outsource billing to a third party. Once you have all that figured out, it’s all about networking and advertising your services so you can get started.

Canine Care

If you love dogs, there is money to be made caring for them in your free time while their owners are busy at the office. Dogs typically need to be walked at least 15 minutes twice a day. Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t have the time to walk their pups that much. You can do good while making a little extra dough by offering your services as a dog walker in your neighborhood. Not only can you make up to $30 per half hour, but you will be getting some gentle, low-impact exercise that can ease arthritis pain and stiffness. Beyond walking, you can also offer dog-boarding services for puppy parents that are out of town. Keeping dogs around isn’t just fun, but they can also help ease anxiety, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and promote an overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Call Center

If you are a social butterfly but have limited mobility, there are a lot of companies seeking employees to help with their call center needs. With the help of technology, you can set up a whole home office and work from home. Customers and clients who need help and guidance contact you for assistance.  All kinds of companies from retail stores to insurance providers need people like you to help with customer service. It’s probably one of the easiest jobs you can find. A simple internet search can provide you with dozens of applications you can fill out in search of the perfect call center job.

Some seniors have trouble filling in the hours of the day once they enter retirement. Others may need some extra cash to supplement their income. Whatever your reason, take your time and find the job that is right for you. You deserve to spend these years enjoying what you do every day.

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