This video explains Medicare Part A and Part B – otherwise referred to as Original Medicare, which is provided by the federal government.

Medicare Part A covers some but not all of your Hospital Insurance – and provides help with the cost of inpatient hospital stays, skilled nursing services, home health care, and hospice care.

  • If you’ve paid into Social Security for 10 years, Part A comes with no monthly premium and you’re automatically enrolled.
  • Otherwise, you have to sign up to get the benefits and you may have to pay a monthly premium.

Medicare Part B covers some but not all of your Medical Insurance – and provides help with the cost of doctor visits and other medical services received on an outpatient basis (like mammograms, diabetes, and prostate screenings).

  • Most people have to sign up for Part B, and it comes with a monthly premium. But to make it easy, you can have your premium deducted from your Social Security check each month.

Keep in mind Medicare doesn’t pay for all costs that come with your Part A and B benefits.  You may have to pay a deductible, co-payment, or coinsurance for the costs not covered.

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