This week the Supreme Court made an important decision about the Health Insurance Marketplace. Their ruling means that consumers who receive subsidies for health insurance purchased through federally-run exchanges may continue to receive the subsidies and quality affordable health care coverage no matter where they live.

 What does the ruling mean?

It means that people across the country who rely on subsidies to help them afford their exchange-based coverage will continue to receive the subsidies, no matter where they live. This means that consumers in every state will continue to be eligible for premium tax credits, lowering the average consumer’s costs by $272 each month.

In other words, the ruling means nothing is changing at this time for those who have exchange-based coverage and get subsidies to help them pay their premiums or out-of-pocket costs.



As a reminder, tell the Marketplace about any changes to your household, income, and insurance status to get the most accurate tax credit.

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