If you purchased your health insurance through the Health Marketplace, it won’t affect you when you’re ready to sign up for Medicare.

Likewise, if you already have Medicare, the Health Marketplace has zero impact on your current Medicare coverage. As long as you have at least Medicare Part A (hospital coverage), you meet the coverage requirements and do not need a Marketplace plan. In fact, it’s against the law for someone who knows you have Medicare to sell you a Marketplace plan. This is true even if you have only Part A or only Part B.

If you’re getting ready to sign up for Medicare, here are 5 steps to help you get the enrollment process started.

1. Know when you should sign up for Medicare:
This is called your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). The exact dates of your IEP depend on your date of birth or on the date you began receiving disability benefits.

2. Know how to enroll:
Medicare enrollment may or may not be automatic.

3. Understand your healthcare needs:
Your lifestyle, medical history and plans for the future are all things to think about before making a decision about Medicare.

4. Know how to compare your Medicare choices:
You’ll want to explore and compare all of the choices available to you, including Original Medicare and private Medicare plans.

5. Avoid a health coverage gap:
Don’t cancel your existing health insurance until you are sure of your exact Medicare coverage start date.


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