Choosing a doctor is an important decision. Your doctor can affect your health and quality of life, so knowing what to look for in a doctor is an important task.

Here are a few things you may need to consider when looking for a new doctor.

  1. Decide what you want in a doctor:
  • Does it matter to you if your doctor is male or female?
  • Does your doctor accept your health insurance or Medicare?
  • Is the office location and hours convenient for you?
  1. Call and speak with the office of the doctor you are considering:
  • Is the doctor taking new patients?
  • Ask how the doctor feels about involving your family in care decisions.
  1. Decide who you want to be your new doctor:

Once you have found your new doctor, schedule your next medical appointment. Be sure to bring your medical records or arrange to have all your records transferred to the new clinic before your appointment.

  • Did the doctor give you a chance to ask questions?
  • Did the doctor listen to and understand everything you said?
  • Did the doctor explain things in a way you were able to understand?
  • Were you comfortable talking to the doctor?


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